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7 mistakes in Email Marketing

August 6th, 2010

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7 mistakes in Email Marketing

7 mistakes in Email Marketing

Numerous companies and organizations use Email Marketing to strategize themselves for future market growth. Yes, Email Marketing, though a primitive technique, it still ranks right among the very best advertising techniques. Billions use the Internet and more than 70%, do have an email account. That’s what makes Email Marketing such an effective force. However, there is a problem associated with Email Marketing, if the company fails to market itself, through Internet marketing services in a convincing way, this could directly result in loss in company profit margins.A single mistake and your company’s reputation could take a rapid plunge downwards.
So, this begs the question, what are the common mistakes that companies make with Email Marketing? Let’s have a look at them. The first blunder most companies make, they try to reach too many people than their budget allows them to. In order for a company to maximize its profit margins, it needs to strategies over their prospective clients. No point wasting your budget over people who don’t care about your services or products.
The second most common mistake company’s make is to be over loud with their message. One needs to be careful about their aggression as most of the time it is seen over aggression actually generates a negative response, therefore, be patient with your appeal.
The next most common aspect is not being specific. People aren’t fools; they also take into consideration how straightforward you are. Any unbiased or unsubstantiated claim would result in negative publicity.
The next mistake companies make is the use of Intrusive media, which in relative terms is sound media. Even if your advertisement is good, a load sound suddenly within the email will actually swerve attention, the user might even move away from it. So, it is far better to use passive media in order to be more effective.

Companies develop individual mails instead of campaigns, now this is yet another error. An individual mail actually spoils the reputation the company had earned from previous campaigns. Therefore, it’s better to stick to the campaign and keep developing it.

Another important characteristic is timing; companies need to time their messages in a way that prospective clients go across them. The mistakes that companies do over here are that, when the advertisement is sent, the client is never present.
The last aspect is that, try to be communicative. There is no point in the end user doesn’t understand your message, be different, dare to convey your message in an unique way, so that you can stand out within the crowd.

Email Marketing if done well can sour in your company’s profit margins. So, use these tips to your benefit. Looking for Email Marketing techniques, and other Internet marketing services, then head over to today.

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