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How to use Google Analytics: A powerful tool

August 7th, 2010

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The biggest thing to happen in the Internet era is Google, its techniques and styles have grabbed hearts all over the globe. It would be unwise on your part, if your business opportunities don’t use this powerful tool to their benefit. Using the right tool in the right way is the key towards achieving Return on investment (ROI). What’s more? Google can also be used as a powerful Web marketing tool. Well, your web-marketing tactics require the efficient use of search engine optimization (SEO), in order to achieve desired marketing result. The best tool to do this is Google.

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that allows tracking of website traffic and data. It will give you information over visitor interactions and also convey feedbacks, on how you can develop it further. Google being such a powerful Analytics tool, it is vital that such a tool is utilized to increase traffic and make the most of your sales conversions.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which one can use Google Analytics in an efficient way:

  1. Setting Up: In order to complete the registration process, one need’s to have a Google account, after registering, just attach the tracking code on your website.
  2. Set targets: By setting targets, one gets estimation on how successful they are in directing traffic to the desired websites.
  3. Application of Funnels: In order to improve conversion rates of visitors, one needs to keep count on the lost visitors count by creating funnels.
  4. Usage of reporter function: Google Analytics allows users to see visitor trends, loyalty and their interactions. Use these reports to learn more and make changes accordingly.
  5. Usage of Split testing: Yet another powerful tool within Google Analytics that allows users to monitor their websites. Constant usage of split testing provides the webmasters with better knowledge and understanding, ultimately resulting in improvements over their websites.
  6. Comparing: Google Analytics allows you to compare data as well as previous records, compare these data’s and make changes accordingly.
  7. Additional User: Your website can be set up in a way that it can be tracked by others. This allows you to concentrate upon improvements that can make upon your site. Though for this, you have to create another user account.

By utilizing these steps, your company can now look forward to a better ROI. By tracking and retaining your visitors, one can improve company’s profit margins. The best part about Google Analytics is that, Google provides it for free. Now, your Web marketing tactics will get a new lease of life. You can expect better search engine optimization over other websites. Most leading firms use Google Analytics to their advantage. Make the right choice, use Google Analytics today and see the difference.

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